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10 Leadership Lessons Taken From IBM (Part 1)

Posted in Administration, Leadership, Relationships

For 20 years beginning in the 1960s, IBM was king of its universe: the mainframe computer.  Then came along such interesting start-ups as Microsoft, Intel and Dell and, as personal computers became more powerful, IBM’s mainframe business could no longer support the company.  Like healthcare providers today, IBM had the choice of transforming itself or… Continue Reading

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Smart Things Hospitals Do To Build Physician Relationships

Posted in Administration, Hospitals, Physicians and Group Practices, Relationships

Regardless of the brilliant strategy or the fantastic business plan – if the people in a business deal “don’t work”, then the deal won’t work.  Savvy hospitals and physician groups understand this phenomenon as they approach negotiation.  Their conduct facilitates a good outcome and an environment in which the new relationship can create value in… Continue Reading